Swensens, Krabi

I think the last time I visit Swensens in Malaysia was quite a long time ago. If not mistaken was with Charles & Karen.

This time round, we never thought of going in an ice cream shop because we just had our dinner. But the price was just too tempting. OK ! I admit ! I think is cheap !! Why not, right?


Serving us a cup of water. I do think this is essential.


How much do you it cost? 1 scoop of ice cream, toppings and wafer. Oh my, I just love the wafer !


Is only 50B each. So now you do agree with me is worth to eat it huh !

Krabi Night Market

We rent a Toyota Fortuner, decided to head down to town for dinner.


Unknown fruit. I tasted, the taste kinda strong, hard seed, I can’t really take it. What will the Thai do with the fruits?

Fresh papaya for 15B.


We wanted to walk over to the night market, all of sudden, the rain just pouring heavily without any notice! We then run into a pharmacy, start talking to the local people. We were wondering where to have our dinner. They showed us the direction to the nearest food store.

Rain in Krabi is just funny. The rain poured for 10mins, and stopped. It happened almost every other day when we were in Krabi.

Day 1 in Krabi

We were craving for REAL THAI food ! Before dinner, we thought of walking around our hotel area, check out the beer & some day trip packages.


Beer is cheap! Steve got overwhelmed with it. Smile with tongue out 


We walked pass this pancake stall.


Pancake seller worked in KL before, he speaks malay !


Thai Style pan cake similar to our roti canai. We ordered pancake with choc syrup, condensed milk, & sugar [gosh… this is sinful !] and pancake with tuna, onion & mayo. Taste not bad.


We walked into another super market. Didn’t know there is JW in bottle.

IMG_0811edGrab a few beer before dinner, smelling the rain in the air, GOSH, I love KRABI !

I Love YOO!

Breakfast at I LOVE YOO! We were craving for Yao Cha Kuai !! [chinese crullers]


I tried the peanut porridge with some sour vege or preserved vege they so called [but I cant taste any]. Taste so so. Anyway, the yau char kuai still the best. Soft inside with crispy skin. Must try because is FRESHLY MADE! Though slightly expensive.

Maybe next time I will try the soya bean.

Yin Ker Lou

Dinner with Connie & Brenda.


I tried their Lui Cha Noodle this time. Same type of noodle I had the last time when I ordered the braised duck noodle. I need to eat it fast ! The longer the noodle soak in the soup, it just won’t taste that nice anymore.


Connie & Brenda ordered seafood noodle, big prawn, big piece of mushroom, big mussels ! They finished the whole big bowl, seems like not too bad. Open-mouthed smile

steamboat at home


Mom bought some fresh seafood from Kuala Selangor few days back, decided to have a seafood steamboat at home !

The man eater

A lady from the Philippines has killed many people and kept their meat in her refrigerator, and has enjoyed eating it.

She said she had made so many parties for her friends and relatives and gave them this human meat to eat without their knowledge.

Her guests said that they found very good taste in this lady's cooking but didn't know what meat it was. Some of them didn't know they'd be her next victim.

She also killed and consumed her husband.


wow, impressive. i wonder i should tag this under which session.